E.T.A. S.r.l. is an Italian engineering Company composed by a team of expert technicians who design and manufacture, since thirty years, plants and machines for the Agri-food industry in general, with particular specialization in the dairy sector.

Thanks to the Italian know-how and the deep knowledge of the milk processing of the founders, E.T.A. S.r.l. became a Company leader in the sector, in Italy and throughout the world.

In order to support the realization of its products, E.T.A. S.r.l. offers several services, from the development of the business idea to the design, from the production to the technical assistance.

Each machine is a project of the technical department, which consists of a team of highly qualified Engineers, and it is made within the Company. E.T.A. S.r.l. also designs and manufactures softwares for the control and the management of industrial processes: electric and electropneumatic panels are designed, manufactured and tested within our the Company.

E.T.A. S.r.l. has dedicated special attention to the foreign markets, reaching over 25 countries and 4 continents during the years.